35 años de desarrollo de videojuegos en España condensados en un vídeo

Video games, the tenth art. Most entertainment industry worldwide . Although for many, a vice that has brought him emotions, joys and even the occasional tantrum. However, it is a means of expression recent mature yet has managed to expose the extraordinary talent of people like Shigeru Miyamoto, Yu Suzuki, Sid Meier and Tim Schafer. And in that context, the Spanish video game seems to be living a second youth After a golden age of software in which we noted ways three decades.

During the last Madrid Games Week exhibited a fantastic video retrospect of the evolution of the video game industry in Spain. The veterans have memory refreshed with fond memories of legendary titles as ‘The Abbey of the crime’, based on the novel ‘The Name of the Rose’ whose author did not give the rights not quite understand at that time it was a video game; the saga of ‘PC Futbol’ flagship each year for Michael Robinson when took its first steps on Spanish television, international pitch which meant ‘Commandos’ responsibility to adapt big licenses like’ Asterix’o Tintin hand Bit Managers study or pride to say that the latest installment of Castlevania is Made In Spain .

Azpiri Spectrum

The Spanish developers already pointed ways three decades

Thanks to the new models of digital market is now possible to bypass the cumbersome step of production in physical format that many filters have made more modest studies, or the opportunity to give crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, which have made it possible for projects like ‘ARK’ materialize.

and even a growing and highest rated independent gaming style is fighting hand to hand with blockbusters thanks to the talents of Malaga ‘Locomalito’ which, in rhythm and with the help of his two collaborators in addition to the book which suggests ideas that will occur between work and family, she has gestated works by the likes of ‘Maldita Castilla’ or ‘Hydorah’. Not even charge for them, although it does accept donations to improve your team and well deserves to be the man. This does not detract from the effort which at the time offered great suggestions editing Dinamic Multimedia kiosk prices, or emblematic hallmarks of our software as Opera or Topo Software.

Maldita Castilla

In Spain there is talent, and much

Although not podernos still measure with the US or Japan, we can see the example of France itself, which has built and currently continues to amaze with titles like ‘ Heavy Rain ‘,’ Beyond Good & Evil ‘or funny deliveries of’ Just Dance ‘, and are proof of its success and that it is not reserved for just one. This is not the result of chance nor can be attributed to the radical changes that occur between a game 30 years ago or now produce. Very much of that success is due to the perseverance and talent , and of course there is talent in Spain, let .

The video has been exposed by #DevsfromSpain, a platform for promotion, dissemination and networking for game developers, in collaboration with the own Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI) currently comprises 14 companies representing more than 90% of consumption in the Spanish market. In it, we see a deep review of some classic wonders of our software in Spectrum, Game Boy itself, recreational and even several of his latest hits indie, and some that are yet to come. it is not easy to condense 35 years of talent into a single video , but as with many of our games, we ended up getting a joyful surprise we were not expecting.

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