Análisis del mando Elite de Xbox One, un pad no apto para todos los públicos

Análisis del mando Elite de Xbox One, un pad no apto para todos los públicos

Had you heard of SCUF controls and even on occasion have had some on hand, specifically one of those amendments for teenagers with shrill smug names painted on marijuana leaves. I hallucinated quite behind the business, with dozens of companies that catch your command and transform to get more performance.

should not make much grace to Microsoft where they are now the that open the doors to such controls with the arrival of Xbox Elite One, a customizable control better finishes his brother plastic and additional buttons for those who are stuck in your head as to be (or appear) pro players.

A command for the elite


A deluxe presentation Opening a box Vertical is the first step to have it in your hands, all to submit the command as hurna lifting a glass to steal the diamond that is hidden underneath.

The simile is not trivial, and is that 149.99 EUR Elite costing the command are, without doubt, the greatest obstacle of a command, beyond wanting make sense of quality from the price, has everything to seduce both the PC gamer (or PS4) and, especially, that of Xbox One .

On opening the box you follows a semi-rigid sleeve where we keep the pad and accessories to transport comfortably. All well placed to make even the USB cable can be accommodated between the horns of the pad.

Logically presentation command forgets cord reinforced tangle for that hollow leave well before it the accessories including command, the levers and interchangeable parts pad that make this something special.

not the whole mountain is oregano

The cable is hidden in the box in a section that shares space with which, undoubtedly, is the blunder craziest that has Microsoft all the time it takes in this sector, or at least more I found embarrassing.

No battery in command, not even those of load and play you can find in any store by between 10 and 15 euros, which hides his back is a place for batteries that fit next to the cable, as implying that there’s nothing to worry about if you just always have the option to connect via USB to the console.

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150 euros for a command that, despite having official batteries within reach in the market, decided to include two stacks . One of those movements without any sense, charger style New Nintendo 3DS, that tarnish sensations that until now were formidable.

understand that giving for granted that the objective of this type of player controls probably already have a play and charge kit within reach, but that should not prevent the full premium aura surrounding the knob also could remove up to that point.

Without this succession of expressions starts with a “how beautiful” and “ how cool ” to end with a “ really? must be a joke how it will go with batteries? “that takes away much of the charm to the particular unboxing that you ride at home.

The benefits of the Elite control Xbox One

Sonoda is the command to a comment that, however, does everything else a charm . It is a little heavier than Xbox One and the increase is subtle enough that only contribution firmness rather than hand fatigue after marathon game.

The horns have a rugged area that does not bother ergonomics a knob that, in terms of design, remains exactly the same. All that sweat and make it an oversight or control slipping from our hands.

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Only a forced pressing RB, as if piece had gone over the bill and had to return to find your site before going down completely, and a vibration in the index fingers that remains heavily dependent on how hard you squeeze rear triggers (something what does the command of One escapes) tarnish what the other side has been a fantastic experience in comfort and usability.

Up to this point without further additions would not hesitate to recommend its purchase, but all that would not justify its high price. Luckily it does not end there and still hides more surprises, although not sufficient to finish plantarte in the store with 150 euros in his hands and no doubt in the head , if they help him as a more than decent gift for the holidays.

A separate pad for each player

Additional stick, two mushroom in the purest style Dualshock and two other higher to help keep more precision in a game car or tour of the sights of a shooter, can be combined to suit the player and are so easy to exchange as stretching one and put the other on the area that magnets controls and accessories do the rest as if by magic.

The same goes for the two spreaders including a classic and one with flattened sides to create the perfect surface for our expertise in games fight, and rear triggers, certainly one of the great strengths of this command.

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Two long levers, and other slightly shorter pair are placed in the back of the handset with the same magnetic system that access additional control buttons without taking the stick thumbs much easier.

is uncomfortable at first, especially for those who are used to grip the knob as if we were drowning someone, but you get used to it and the advantages are enormous , especially when we are in a multiplayer game in which the carrying out of an action a second later can cost us our lives.

Purchase of Elite command, a hard choice

Thinking that the rear also includes two buttons that limit the travel of the LT and RT triggers, very comfortable to control the acceleration of a car but fatal when shooting before the adversary. Too bad the noise attenuated long haul disappear when changing to a lower position, giving life to a sound “ clack ” who deserved to be damped.

The round closes with a new new button, the profiles of command with two options that, together with the remapping of buttons that can be done from the new menu of Xbox One will allow us to keep two configurations of buttons different that will stay engraved in over if we took him to a friend’s house or, if you’re that, the next tournament that you go.

The rest are cucamonadas that are there and will probably serve more one, but for ordinary mortals and currents do not pose much change, such as the aluminum reinforcements around the stick to blows to and fro not end up eating plastic.

The set is sufficiently attractive and worked for Elite name go like a glove in charge, but that Microsoft have dropped their guard in some aspects of its elitist pad prevent you approach it with confidence. If you fall from the sky in the form of gift you’re going to enjoy and benefit as anyone , but if you who have to scratch your pocket may assessment ends up being a bit more complicated than a simple “ really cool, but it goes with batteries .”

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