Ética y estética del glitch, el Amiga y con K de Konami. All Your Blog Are Belong To Us (CCCXIII)

Ética y estética del glitch, el Amiga y con K de Konami. All Your Blog Are Belong To Us (CCCXIII)

As Good Friday is tap rescue some of the texts most interesting we’ve read over the last seven days for our All Your Blog Are Belong To Us . And here they are:

  • Anaitgames : Ethics and aesthetics of the glitch – “ The glitch is in principle a mistake: the information that makes up an image is distorted – data is lost, it dislodged, is multiplying, so the image hits the screen as if broken The glitch is to digital as well as shreds the fabric or call the machine. expresses that something has gone wrong
  • Mercafriki . With K Knightmare Konami and -” Knight = gentleman = nightmare nightmare, corkscrew and we have great game Konami MSX in 1986. Knightmare Classic geeks born between 70 and 80 early sure you know, and that is the star of MSX 1 title “

  • Pixfans : Music, Amiga – “ The Amiga platform was born in 1985, the result of an ex-designer Commodore Atari very unhappy, which is already distributed successes as the VIC and C64. , he took over the distribution of Amiga, beginning with the 1000 model Do your strengths? A multimedia capabilities unprecedented. This 16-bit machine was the breeding ground for many of the best sagas of video games, music and of course, thanks to its sound hardware
  • ZehnGames . Dragon Age: Inquisition, the utopia of BioWare – “ Dragon Age: Inquisition (BioWare, 2014) can not be understood without their two previous tour, Dragon Age: Originis (BioWare, 2009) and Dragon Age II (BioWare, 2011 ). And I do not mean that you need to play the first two to enjoy Inquisition. No. It is to see how those early wanderings through Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins were not random, but belong to a vast universe masterfully designed in the mind of David Gaider, Lead Writer of the series and author of three novels and three comics Dragon Age as transmedia products I’ve seen people play in conditions that would not believe “
  • indie-o-rama The game has changed.” . I have seen ladies fifty years playing Candy Crush (King, 2011) standing with one hand while the other clung to the meter bar, at seven o’clock rush hour, with the mobile as . near the face to go like sardines that could almost move parts nose

On Friday we return with more And remember:. are all your blog we belong . Without exception.

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