iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus



It was in September 2014 when Apple introduced its iPhone far more: the brand new iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inches. But it was not only the largest, but it was also the most advanced of its catalog smartphone, as it came with all the features of iPhone 6 plus a set of additional features.

Furthermore, although the new device came not equipped with enough features that allow software to take full advantage of its huge screen, the iPhone 6 Plus showed both users and Apple itself, that there a niche market for iPhones juicy large.

According to the numbers achieved in sales, no doubt that the “iPhone 6 Plus” Apple experiment has provided more than satisfactory results for Cupertino. As logic dictates, nor has surprised us recently released Apple gave the iPhone 6s Plus, the second generation of massive iPhone that has incorporated a number of very amazing improvements. What has changed and what not? Let’s find out.

Diseno del iPhone 6 Plus


Being a mid-cycle device, the iPhone 6s Plus ostentatious shows the same design guidelines with which debuted last year the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Besides having a slightly thicker body, its exterior style is quite similar to its predecessor.

As for its dimensions, the new king iPhone has the following measures: 6.23 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches (158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm), while 6 Plus is slightly more compact 6.22 x 3.06 x 0.28 inch (158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm). Considering the above, we can conclude that the 6s Plus is substantially heavier than its predecessor (the new model yields about 192 grams, while the 2014 model weighs just about 172 grams).

Moreover, we still have an aluminum casing with rounded edges on all sides, which undoubtedly make this phone a very convenient device to carry in our hands. In addition, Apple has opted for a much more resistant alloy aluminum, allowing put an end to any possible distortion that can affect the frame (according to the company itself 6s iPhone Plus is reinforced by the 7000 series aluminum) . As for the glass screen, this also incorporates much more resistant features.

Finally, we can say that the 6s Plus will be available in four colors: silver, gray, gold and rose gold. The latter is a novelty, if we consider that 6 Plus only offered three color options. Silver, gray and gold

Pantalla del iPhone 6 Plus


This section there are no big surprises, both 6s Plus as 6 plus put at our disposal a 5.5-inch LCD screen. As for the new resolution not appear, continue with the 1080 horizontal pixels by 1920 pixels vertically, which provides a pixel density of 401 dots per inch. Although not reach perfection all we wanted, both models are one of the most accurate LCD displays on the market, with a more than excellent contrast, gamma, brightness, color temperature and precision. As expected, the 6s Plus is pretty similar all over the 6 Plus.

For our part, we can conclude that both display devices, regardless of the resolution, highlighted by other impressive qualities. First, the IPS LCD screen evokes a maximum power of 574 nits brightness, allowing you to enjoy a screen that is able to shine under direct sunlight. Compared with other notable phablets, the display of these devices is certainly much brighter. On the subject of colors, these are also reproduced with excellent results, something that we are used in Apple products. However, the color temperature tends to be cold with about 7300 K, somewhat remote from 6500 K to other devices.

Of course, size alone is unprecedented in the world Apple, but if we make a comparison between the iPhone screen 6 Plus with his twin brother, the iPhone 6 will notice that the latter has a much stronger brightness and color accuracy far superior. As for the models of other manufacturers in the market, the giant 5.5-inch Apple also stands for performance, although this does not diminish its properties as attractive and being a high-end device.

Interfaz del iPhone 6 Plus

interface and functionality

At first glance, the interface presents few differences. Both devices are running the latest version of iOS, which assures us a lot of major improvements and some not so important within the platform. For example, there have been some updates to Siri that make it more proactive and intelligent than before, has improved Spotlight searching, multitasking support, and battery mode Battery-Friendly optimizing resources when we met with little load the device.

In addition, Apple Apple Maps and Notes have obtained a clear improvement, as many features of the user interface, enhanced security, and renewed app to switch between the various running processes. We also have new wallpapers, similar to those we can find in the Apple Watch.

One of the highlights of the iPhone 6s Touch Plus is the 3D technology that incorporates. This feature, which is similar to the Apple Touch Force Watch, allows the iPhone 6s Plus distinguish between different levels of pressure on the screen, while introducing two new features: Pop and Peek, which will be exclusive to the 6s and Plus 6s.

Funcionalidad del iPhone 6 Plus

What enables the 3D technology in the 6s Touch Plus? Well, simply by pressing the screen with greater force than normal we can access some very practical features, such as shortcuts to quickly deploy the Home screen, change applications in fewer steps and more.

Apart from that, both phones come equipped with fingerprint sensors that not only allow us to lock our device conveniently with the fingertips but also give us the ability to use the Apple Pay technology system payment implemented by developers of Cupertino. According to the specifications given by the company, this sensor is twice as fast in the Plus than it was with its predecessor 6s.

Regarding integration with Apple Watch also great differences can be seen. Both devices are able to connect to the smart watch for some biometric parameters of our body as the number of steps made or heart rate.

Procesador A9 del iPhone 6s Plus

Processor and memory

Unlike the iPhone 6, which included a 64-bit processor A8 accompanied by a Coprocessor M8, iPhone 6s Plus takes us to another level with a chip processing more innovative, the A9.

The latter is based on the 14 nm FinFET technology, which claims to be 70% faster than the A8 SoC in processing tasks and 90% higher in the graphics plane. We may also find a new coprocessor accompanying the A9 M9, the operation of “always-on state” Siri allows us to call even when the phone is locked, among other things.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus comes equipped with an A8 SoC dual-core processor at 1.4 GHz, which in general is much better than most of its Android rivals in the mononuclear tests. Moreover, its PowerVR graphics processing unit GX6450 is one of the most advanced on the market today. Undoubtedly, this hardware configuration is quite sufficient for the needs of iPhone software in June, thanks in part to the iOS optimization gives us.

As for the RAM, the iPhone 6 Plus has a 1 GB, however, are not yet sure if the 6s Plus will double that amount or continue offering the same benefits of working memory. Nor we show apparent changes in storage options, because both devices come in versions 16, 64 and 126 GB.

Bateria del iPhone 6 Plus


With a 2915 mAh battery, the iPhone 6 Plus is one of a kind with respect to the smaller units of Apple. Still, this device has not been up to the same dimensions other terminals Android on the market today. Nevertheless, compared with other Apple products, the iPhone 6 Plus is the undisputed king. The tests allowed us to have 6 hours and 32 minutes long, which means an hour and an additional ten minutes on the iPhone 6.

However, it appears that the 6s Plus come to us with the same amount of “juice” in his back, as we indicate the official measurements made by the company on the new device battery. However, due to the energy efficiency of new Apple A9 and functionality “Low Power”, we expect the 6s Plus it more efficient in terms of battery.

Camara del iPhone 6 Plus


The camera is another of the sections where the 6s Plus brings a substantial improvement. Equipped with a 12MP, the front lens iSight is quite an event when you consider that the rest of the iPhones from the 4s version just had a camera of 8 MP. Compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, the differences are obvious also because it gives us 50% more pixels and 50% more pixel approach. In addition, the 6s Plus boasts many smaller pixels (1.22 μ to 1.5 μ iPhone 6 Plus), but the maximum aperture has not been increased and continues to offer a F2.2. With such benefits, we do not expect anything other than a great camera, able to cope with virtually all market more advanced adversaries.

Additionally, the camera 6s Plus it comes equipped with a new feature called Live Photos. Basically, it tries to capture small video footage before and after taking the picture, so that our instant to life through 3D-touching technology. However, this functionality has not surprised us much, as had already been implemented in other terminals as the Lumia Microsoft.

In terms of video recording, once again we are witnessing an improvement over its predecessor. IPhone 6s Plus supports video capture 4K (3840 x 2160 px) at a rate of 30 fps and recording video with 1080p resolution and a speed of 30 to 60 fps. The videos in slow motion have also received a substantial update since, while the 6 Plus only allowed us to record at resolutions of 720p and 480p at 240 fps to 240 fps, the new Plus incorporates 6s recording video with 1080p resolution 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps, which will definitely improve the quality of our recordings. Besides the above, both devices allow kinematic video stabilization, which helps eliminate any unwanted movement during our recordings.

Moreover, in the front section, we have a 5 MP camera and an aperture of F2.2. Again, we can see the improvement over the 1.2 MP cameras that are equipped with the rest of the iPhones from version 5, which undoubtedly improve the quality of our selfies. The funny thing about this new FaceTime camera is that you can use the device’s screen as a flash, graduating the brightness according to the characteristics of the environment.

Fotos del iPhone 6 Plus


It seems that Apple has an undisputed champion in the category of your iPhone phablets 6 Plus. Judging from everything we’ve seen so far, we can safely say that the 6s Plus the black sheep of the family, but the opposite is not return, our expectations are that the 6s Plus sail in the same waters for younger siblings . The new and very conducive incorporated achieve improvements brought seduce most enthusiastic iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, many people may not consider the iPhone 6s Plus as a major update of Apple phablet line inside, but there is no doubt that this is a device off the charts. At first glance, it may look very similar to its predecessor, but once we know its internal specifications, we realize their superiority. Certainly hope the success of this new terminal.