Las mejores reacciones de Internet ante el supuesto mando de la Nintendo NX

Las mejores reacciones de Internet ante el supuesto mando de la Nintendo NX

There is much anticipation to know more about the new home console Nintendo obviously, which makes the network is filled with all kinds of related content NX. From articles that predict the cessation of production of Wii U for this year, in response Nintendo inclusive, alleged photos of the new command.

Last week appeared a picture purporting to be a photograph of this new pad , a sort of oval with two sticks and a touch screen occupying the rest of the surface, and yesterday took more photos of this alleged control of NX . But go to parties

The first photograph

This is the picture that jumped to the net last week.

Mando NX

And this is a patent filed by Nintendo:

Patente mando NX

is impossible to think of an elaborate fake at this point. The fact that photography and patent match does not mean anything or converts the command into something official. A command, as shown in the photo, shows touch buttons on a screen that occupies the entire top two anlógicos sticks, and what appears to be a camera located at the bottom.

New photos of course knob

we had forgotten a little issue when yesterday, in this case thanks to the user perkele37 Reddit, linked to a couple of new photos that we can see again the happy oval command:

Mando NX

Mando NX

is exactly the same as that appeared seven days unless made by the color of command, that it has gone from white to black. And there is another detail worth noting: we can see where the headphone output is located. All this, I repeat, no official confirmation of any kind.

Thus reacts Internet

do not know if I would just like that to call Internet to people moving into social networks, blogs and others to contribute their view of the matter, but I think we understand each other. The thing is that after the publication of the photos yesterday, all these wonderful people did things how are you:

the research that has been conducted to see where it came from filtration is a wonder:

Nx Image: NeoGAF

What Nintendo says?

Nintendo has not commented so far on these photos officially, but Liam Robertson, a specialized type in all kinds of canceled projects, hidden, etc. with good contacts in the industry, claims to have spoken to a friend who works at Nintendo of Europe which says that all these images are false:

A friend of mine says NoE IMAGERY are completely false.

This is a public figure who I will not name, but he knows all about the NX (I’m not going to ask about the subject.)

There are currently very few people with access to official prototype hardware the NX. Take you any leakage of this type with a handful of salt.

Gamelianos opinion

As it says Robertson is best to be cautious. It has all the earmarks of being a very elaborate fake from the patent filed by Nintendo, but we can not be 100% sure of anything or in one way or another. And while Nintendo does not make official any data continue to see everything that comes with the necessary degree of skepticism.

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  • No, specifications Nintendo NX not have filtering a screenshot
  • The president of Nintendo is clear that NX will have nothing to do with Wii and Wii U

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