Me he quedado toda la noche jugando a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 y mi cerebro ha acabado así

Me he quedado toda la noche jugando a Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 y mi cerebro ha acabado así

Ya It’s after midnight, I just finished a game that soon we can talk at length and has had time to take a touch to the bikes ‘Driveclub’ everything to make time to unlock what promises to be the key event This weekend, the new ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’.

under my nose a long night comes, the perfect occasion to give a first touch to the three great strengths that promises new game Treyarch: campaign, multiplayer and always grateful Zombie Odyssey , while I try to discern whether I’ll be just as happy with the second installment of the subsaga that merendó to ‘Modern Warfare’ .


The cooperative itself is an option

classic shot and start the campaign . No desire to do so cooperative, mainly to see how you will manage the typical spectacle of the series during the various stages of its history, but that will have to wait.

Yes I see three characters rather than follow me everywhere, which then will be friends waxing beside me as the difficulty is adapted to the number of connected users. Shots against humans here, robots with very bad baba there, the world in your hands again … typical.

Nothing really shocking, in fact up to now makes me have to deal with heavy sheet that are striking to me about how bad they are bad on all coming together with cinematic companions torturing enemies, all very plan: “ uh, going to kill them, but they deserve

A Treyarch . quite liked primed with such scenes, but torture is a walk in the field compared to the end of the first level and the sequence that leads to the explanation of why you become a cyborg with powers. No objection there except the fear that when the time comes we finish testing the cooperative all fed up with speeches bear to break the rhythm of what should be a popcorn movie and not a reflection on the war of the future and their possible consequences .

Let the children (rat) come to me

I leave the campaign after the first few minutes with the second level, I’ll be back with more calm and attention to drama they’re trying to tell me and jump directly to Multiplayer .

A couple of items are more than enough to see how the picture, confirm the sensations of the beta and try some new maps. Nuketown will not need to wait even more to enjoy the game, but at least the idea of ​​returning to the three lanes, with central areas with all the numbers for that bundle pardísima have a lot better looking than Designs levels of the previous two deliveries. Okay.

Curious, do not fear, how have focused here what the content packages, a nod to the aid packages of ‘Advanced Warfare’ and the perfect excuse to continue being brainwashed and that when the time to jump to a model free-to-play have well internalized all these strategies comes. At least for now there is no indication that the noise of the cash register sounds beyond the purchase of maps as DLC packs, but seeing that even ‘Halo 5’ moves a pasture with these practices, there will be plenty to see something also similar to ‘Call of Duty’ .

Nor think much will change the competitive landscape, I smell that comes up another helping of items seeing the weapons of my rivals operate luxury when I try I’m not no wonder, so I’ll pull the beta experience and I keep the first unlockable when the interesting weapons come to light.

Returns the best of COD, become zombies

I close the evening with a look at what to server, is the main attraction in buying that ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ . I really want to zombies and, although at this point I still have several weeks left in which to burn the two maps that are included, and thus fall sleep in the form of downloadable content.

Extensions like Alcatraz or Buried previous ‘Black Ops 2’ make it from decantarme for the season pass for the next months is quite possible, but first we must have patience, so I focus on getting into a public game while listening to two users English comment on the news.

The game has opened nothing, but seems to have been more than enough time to burn the early hours trying to figure out where to have to address both overcoming the new zombie mode as the location of their easter egg .

Three items faced with more or less luck help me to see the new gum, a collection of random perks that can be customized from the pre-game menu, and use the transformation into a beast to clean areas of enemies when we’re rushed or use their skills to enter new areas .

Like the kid who go to sleep on Christmas night thinking about what you will enjoy the next day, I take a last walk through menus and went to bed. I could spend the night playing, but ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ seems especially created to have a great time with your friends and that’s how I think playing it. I’ll tell you if the first impression or maintains no, for now all you have is faith that Treyarch continue pulling the cart.

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