Mejores aplicaciones de humor para iPhone

Mejores aplicaciones de humor para iPhone


A dose of good humor in our lives is always welcome. If you tell a joke or a funny picture sent us not lose opportunity to launch a laugh and automatically lift our spirits. For this reason, we propose a series of hilarious applications that you can take the initiative and surprise your friends from your iPhone. Here they are.


Of course it’s worth having Memedroid in our iPhone, since every day we can enjoy in one place the most important memes, besides being able to consult them by categories and hide you’ve already seen. Finally, you will have the opportunity to share those most you liked in your favorite social networks. You can download it here.


Similarly to the previous cut, Memec invade our mobile with hundreds of funny images at any time of day. With a period of daily update, Memec will keep you all the time with a smile, and if you like to share everything that catches your attention, the application provides you besides functionality so you can give them to your friends the best jokes found from social networks.

The “TOP” section of the application itself, find the best materials. Do not miss it.

Funny pictures to share

Laugh just is not as fun as laughing with friends and family. That is precisely the maximum of this application, which not only meet the most bizarre and funny pictures around the internet, but you can also share them on Facebook and WhatsApp to brighten the day to more than one of your contacts.

From shocking but fun-filled photos to graphic black humor jokes, not be difficult to laugh every day with this application, so be sure to not have it on your iPhone. Finofilipino mood blog receives many contributions of this app, so you can already get an idea of ​​how much fun is this app. And it is the gateway Fino humor more popular in recent years speaking.

Photofun in Spanish

If you want an effective therapy against daily stress, do not miss the opportunity to have this application on your mobile device. Remember that laughter is not only good for the mind, but for our health in general, so devote yourself at least fifteen minutes a day to open this application and check the best funny images of the entire network.


Funzy formula meets the above applications and includes one more ingredient: the ability to see funny videos. Can you imagine how many awkward falls, animal videos and hilarious situations you can enjoy every day? It is more than ideal for those times when we are waiting in a long line or just before going to bed proposal.

As usual, Funzy includes functionality to share the videos you liked most of all friends, so do not delay in joining this great application. In this link you can download in the App Store.

meme Producer

And if you consider yourself a fan of memes, why not try to create your own? With Producer Meme have countless array of photos, including the application and your own, so you always have a chance to create new proposals and have fun with friends. Available for iPhone and iPad, Meme Producer is free, and insurance will become one of your favorite applications.