Momentos inolvidables de la pasada generación: la cruda realidad de la granja de The Walking Dead

Momentos inolvidables de la pasada generación: la cruda realidad de la granja de The Walking Dead

not survive the zombie apocalypse It is not easy. Sometimes we tend to play the matter, as if they were a walk where we can have fun, even, as has brilliantly made the saga ‘Dead Rising’, but the fact is that if we had to live / suffer this hypothetically, and especially without knowing what is the cure , it would not be us just what “shoot to the head.”

Because I would have to worry about food and find a safe place, and perhaps that area will not be for life in a shelter must be calm. We have seen in the comics ‘The Walking Dead’ , as in the series of AMC and, of course, in the official video game of Telltale Games . Sometimes you have to move to somewhere else, and now that’s complicated.

We saw, without going further, in the second episode of the award-winning adventure from Telltale Games, with the temporary exit the motel to a seemingly quiet and almost idyllic farm.

Certain parallels with the AMC series

151115 Walking Farm 01

I am personally of the who believe that the AMC series began pulling the second contrary, unlike the vast majority. That’s when I got hooked on the adventures of Rick Grimes and company and where I began to empathize with its protagonists. And personally I also think that the game of ‘The Walking Dead’ gets a turning point in the second half of this episode two when the protagonist, Lee, discover what really happens on the farm.

all starts with Andy and Danny St. John going to the motel Lee Everett and company in search of petrol. As in the motel food becoming scarce, both sides reached a deal and went to the family farm, where we were greeted kindly Brenda, mother and current owner of the farm since her husband died. Except for the electrified fence (which was needed for gasoline), for there were no apparent signs of zombie apocalypse.

But little soon discovered that it was not. It was not a place as safe as we thought, and not just for the electrified fence to keep out the zombies, but for the nonaggression pact with the bandits in the area to provide food. In fact there were two exits with Lee where we had two mishaps. One Mark wounded by an arrow and another where we passed a “crazy” call Jolene which eventually killed by a shot (Lee or Danny depends)

Something did not smell good on the farm and were not zombies

151115 Walking Farm 02

The encounter with Jolene was perhaps the catalyst to have clearer than ever that something was happening on the farm. And since both Lee and Kenny began to suspect that behind the door where the only fed cow place, hiding quite murky …

A simple distraction with the generator of the fence and multipurpose tool were enough to unravel part of the mess: had a workshop behind looked like a butcher . But missing the final test, which not long in coming. The cake was discovered at dinner.

Lee already had the fly behind the ear and wondered what had happened to Mark. He used to ask permission to go to the bathroom and wash hands before eating, but instead went back upstairs until she discovered a secret door behind a closet. There was Mark legless! What is striking and equally frightening is that he was still alive, barely, for help.

Telltale Games has earned international recognition when it comes to telling stories that catch the player.

To Read instantly made sense: the St. John were cannibals and dinner they had prepared us were precisely the legs of Mark, so he lowered swift and fast to stop this barbarism trying Furthermore, the poor Clementine that not eat human flesh.

What followed ruffled curl more so as Family Brenda Lee captured the team just behind the bloody shop, where Larry heavy, Lilly’s father suffered a heart attack and had to make the difficult decision to help him or kill him, because sooner or later it would become a zombie. All the while the innocent Clementine lived these events in person.

The rest is history. As Jolene said in his final revelation:

“It is the living who should be afraid.”

For me, certainly, the first great unforgettable moment of ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ and where this award-winning work as Telltale Games began to emerge. Another story is that as a game, follow up looking like too overrated, but what is clear is that the narrative level, this Californian study has earned international recognition when it comes to telling stories that catch the player . And he has done it again with ‘Tales from the Borderlands “

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