Probamos el nuevo Unreal Tournament, el regreso de todo un clásico con aspecto renovado

Probamos el nuevo Unreal Tournament, el regreso de todo un clásico con aspecto renovado

If you think FPS nineties of those who advocate a frenetic style, all have clear ‘Quake’ and ‘Unreal’ swept the market. In my case I liked the two almost equally, though perhaps more ‘Unreal Tournament’ in its many iterations. The market, as we saw, was changing (not necessarily “evolve”) and now curiously are opting to rescue some of those mechanical (remember the next ‘Doom’ or the more interesting ‘TOXIKK’ Steam).

Paradoxically, as was the motto of the FPS Reakktor Studios (“Frag like it 1999’s”), a phrase very ‘Unreal Tournament’ , Epic Games also takes time to work on the return of their most acclaimed saga and not long ago made publicly available pre-alpha that hints at what awaits us, but in any case is still far from what will be the final product.

Nevertheless, has preserved that spirit that made him so great and are starting to show some of its improvements, of which only the most experienced in the room will be able to take advantage since, as often happens (especially now that there are more professionals through eSports), rookies will not last even a sigh here and hide maps over a secret.

Long time no see, Unreal Tournament!

Capture the Flag

wore too many years without playing any delivery of ‘Unreal Tournament’ . Excluding a brief fling to remember the ‘Unreal Tournament III’ last year, precursor of what became after the start of the ‘Gears of War’ saga, the fact is that too much time had elapsed. And, by the way, he has given me to try other experiences, such as the aforementioned ‘TOXIKK’.

But ‘Unreal Tournament’ and there is only one Epic Games is ready to return to place , even if it has decided to completely change their business model with a more free and, most importantly, free (no free-to-play , free). Since it was announced last May 2014, Epic Games has not stopped working since then, seeing snippets of their advance with some prototypes and in the hands of real experts of ‘Unreal Tournament’ .

By now you must take it for what it is: a pre-alpha Thus, a product in development that still has a long way to go. Without going any further, there are very detailed maps, like Titan Pass , one of which debuted at this new ‘Unreal Tournament’ , while others are somewhat empty and the textures in the most basic quality, like the mythical Deck16 currently in WIP ( Work in Progress , that is developing as more than a dozen).

still intact this frenzy in the fighting and DOUBLE KILL or speaker HEADSHOT climbing adrenaline rush us.

This (for now) is secondary, as Epic Games has preferred focus on recovering the essence of the ‘Unreal Tournament’ , where there was this frenzy in the fighting and DOUBLE KILL or speaker HEADSHOT we climbed the adrenaline rush. This is still intact .

I, of course, both oxidized time, despite some skirmishes, like the aforementioned ‘TOXIKK’ and other FPS with clear noventero spirit, I needed to catch up and I had no choice but to give me a walk around the various tutorials to remember all the ins and outs of this renewed classic. And I must say that Epic Games has carefully worked very entertaining tutorials that give us challenges .

not limited to the mere informative detail, with different shots of each weapon (a classic) elusive movement (double tap the side) or Translocator complex, but can win medals if we took all the juice to each of the arms and / or power-ups , such as jump boots . By having, we have up training for (scarce for now) game modes, with the inevitable Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel and Capture the Flag. In this case, bots .

The timeless classic, but with a modern twist

011215 Ut Outpost

We entering task against real people, we can find everything, but mostly true professionals that can kill us than the minimum rate. First of all, as is logical, we must put the buttons to your liking (I’m from ESDF WASD rather than provision that always comes by default in all FPS) and adjust the mouse sensitivity. In the UT it takes very high, so that with the slightest movement of the wrist can rotate 180 degrees. It’s what has a game in which the shot of the enemy can come at us from every angle

In multiple deployments over the past few months I’ve seen everything. from the classic type who puts you down ( and the other players) chaining deaths that will seem almost impossible to require such skill (any), to games where you can win, not without effort. But win or lose, you really spend a dwarf to relive a time that you thought extinct .

is probably the best compliment that you can drive this ‘Unreal Tournament ‘ and the one that incites optimism. Those who have enjoyed the original, see much of their same feelings reflected in this work. And that we are not talking about a finished product.

Win or lose, I spend like a dwarf to relive a time that you thought extinct.

In terms of design, what we regards the characters, draw little attention the various characters we can choose and customize later. You can consult thoroughly (and rotate) from their official website. They are:. Taye, Samael, Visse and Garog

The funny thing is that, according to go up a level, unlock skins and accessories for them

. Unreal Tournament

For example, the Naalgesh Garog required level of 40, while the armor Blood Moon (bloody moon) Samael (right) asks us to get 35 stars in the tutorial challenges.

So, when we meet in an online game and see someone with one of these suits, we know that take many hours spent at ‘Unreal Tournament’ and probably crush us without despeinarnos. Or maybe not.

This customize our character to the level that we have or how many challenges we met also extends to accessories, ranging from caps to masks (there is one that could have come out of Jason, Friday 13) or even sunglasses. It is hard to imagine that in many cases (depending on the character, of course), these supplements do not stick or glue , but not hurt anyone. Whoever wants to use them to be more original, later, but for now there are few accessories.

aesthetic details aside, so we should stay is that Epic Games is spoiling this ‘Unreal Tournament’ and you are booking a special section for the most competitive people, a fact that is reflected in one of the menus of the game itself, called Frag Center. Which is nothing but a meeting point among the vanguard of the sector and with direct links to their YouTube channel to rave about with the most spectacular deaths.

Otherwise, do not miss list from servers to decide which game we want to enter, filter results, create your own, add “friends” from the menu considering who we played against in the past games, or consult background lots of statistics, both within each game saying what each player has earned distinction as from the game menu, seeing more detail our effectiveness with each weapon , among many more variables.

will be a pre-alpha , but I already paid for it pleased . The best thing is it’s free. And the game, when completed, will be too. The question is: how much will have to wait for him

platforms : PC
Multiplayer : yes, online
Developer : Epic Games
Company : Epic Games
Release not available
Price : Free

Official site | Unreal Tournament

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